Basic architectural services include:

Site Investigations and Master Site Planning, Schematic Design,
Construction Documents, Bidding and Value Engineering, and
Construction Administration, including normal structural,
mechanical / plumbing and electrical engineering, and
coordination with surveyors, civil and soils engineers.

In addition, each project might require a long list of supplemental
consultants, providing expertise in food services (menu styling
and kitchen design), retail, acoustical engineering, audio visual,
hardware, security, laundry, ADA, pool design, medical specialties,
etc. DDI is responsible to coordinate all of these services.

DDI approaches the architectural discipline under a construction
management approach. Each phase of the architectural process
works in conjunction with cost estimating specialists so that
appropriate adjustments can be made at each successive level of
development. This keeps the project on budget and on schedule
so that the project will successfully arrive at the point of
completion where you intended it to.
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