Designing to the Market
Meet the design challenges of creating an
environment that best suits your market.
Serving the New Health Club Consumer
Establishing a Competitive Advantage by Adding Complementary and
Alternative Medical Services to Your Facility Offerings
Design for Alternative Medicine
Offering Complementary and Alternative Medical Services to the New
Health Club Consumer Can Give Your Club a Competitive Advantage
Designing Healthier Buildings
Buildings that are designed and built to
enhance our health may be health obstacles.
Learn more about healthier buildings.
How to Design and Build a Winning Facility
Winning facilities don’t just happen!
They are carefully planned and cautiously implemented by
following proven methodologies that manage time, risk,
money, and quality.
Focus on Profitability
Is it possible for a 55,000 square foot, medically-based fitness facility
to be profitable in its first year? Yes! Find out how it was done and hoe
you can too!
Ten Biggest Mistakes in Remodeling
These 10 remodeling oversights have
consistently been found to bring anguish and
business problems to club owners who let them
slip by. Find out what they are and how you can
avoid them.
The Market-Driven Club
Shifting market dynamics
can be a "moving target."
Explore how to design facilities to keep
pace with emerging trends.
Design That Makes Us All Feel Alike
See how personal knowledge of the group
the design professional is serving can
present effective design solutions for
human needs.
Review how
meeting the
requirements of
the Americans
with Disabilities
Act is an
opportunity for
your facility to
make us all feel
Money Follows People
Managing through and with people is the way to achieve dependable
profit and growth. Learn more.
Reaching for Balance In Program Design
The dividing line between opposites will continue to blur. Read
more about how to bring balance to your program design.
Club Renovation
Clubs are being forced to remodel to create new and better programs.
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