DDI and our clients, by the nature of our businesses and who
we are, are leaders in healthcare in our communities. By
taking this fact very seriously, we are recognizing the
opportunity to build stronger and healthier communities,
better businesses, and a brighter world.

Those of us who develop fitness, wellness, and healthcare
prevention facilities are in a position to make a major
positive impact upon individuals, families, and community
institutions. The success of our efforts to maximize this
impact, contributes to the success of our businesses, and
are the keys to investing in ourselves as human beings. By
bringing more light to the lives of our employees and our
customers, we are acknolowging that it is our responsibility
as well as yours to make this happen.

At DDI, we focus our community commitment on educating
our clients, investing in the promotion of fitness and lifestyle
planning, and in practicing environmental responsibility.
Please take a few minutes to review our work with the
Governor's Council on Physical Fitness & Sports,
Communities in Schools and our dedication to the

All of us working together will make the difference for our
families, our businesses, our communities, and ourselves.

Thank you,
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