Quality control of the construction process involves
quality coordination between design professionals
involved in the project, the developer and the contractors.
During Construction Adminstration, DDI tracks the
budget, the schedule and the quality through all levels of
design implementation, fabrication and construction,
including the checking of shop drawings, on-site
inspections with the developer and post move-in follow-up.

Design/Build Approach - DDI can also provide construction
services through a maximum fixed price, design / build
approach to the project. This is normally done by DDI hiring a
general contractor acceptable to both DDI and the client.

Design/Bid Approach - This is the normal process of
competitive bidding through multiple general contractors. It is
always available in conjunction with DDI's work.

Value Engineering - An essential tool in the development
process, this methodology works with all contractors and
subcontractors to keep the project on budget. It is based upon
developing incentives for the contractors to make cost-cutting
recommendations and suggestions that do not compromise on
quality, aesthetics, maintainability or warranty.
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