The culture of a company has increasingly been recognized as having a major
impact on the company’s success. Culture is the climate, the personality of a
company, and comprises the identifiable habits, attitudes, behaviors, ethical
principals, and values shared and consistently adhered to by its members.

There are eight core values that the members of DDI have identified as most
important to our work environment and continued growth as an organization.

Openness is a willingness to listen, to have our viewpoint challenged, to
challenge another’s viewpoint. Openness is making a concerted effort to listen
and to communicate, to consider the new and different, to give and receive
constructive feedback; a willingness to share yourself with others.

Teamwork is a shared belief that working together all things are possible and
attainable. Teamwork means caring for each other, supporting each other, and
sharing strengths and weaknesses to achieve a winning synergism for success.

Change is the vehicle that brings us to the future. Change is inevitable and a part
of business life. We will be flexible, and seek to identify, understand, and adapt to
changes inherent in our industry over which we have no control, as we will also
create change through informed risk taking, a process necessary to achieve and
sustain our growth.

Honesty implies integrity in all of our dealings. It means having the integrity to be
yourself, to be straight-forward in your relationships, to "tell it like it is." It is the
basis of good and healthy, person-to-person communications.

Excellence is the heart and soul of everything we stand for. It is a permanent
commitment to quality: in facilities, products, services, and image.

Accountability says, "the buck stops here!" It is the statement of ownership and
responsibility of action and results. Without personal accountability, all other
values become empty abstractions.

Creativity is the spirit of innovation. It is a commitment to new things, new ideas,
new methods, and a constant questioning of the status quo. It is a search for new

Fun in all things. As in play, so in business. We will nurture through our
environments and our policy, an attitude designed to short-circuit stress and
make work a joy.
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