Donald DeMars
Chairman & CEO
Donald DeMars, IIDA, has specialized since 1975 in the planning,
design and financial positioning of health / fitness and mixed-use
medical facilities throughout the world. He is the Chairman and CEO of
Donald DeMars International, an internationally recognized design and
development consulting firm; and DDI Development Services, a
production design services company. Donald DeMars is in constant
demand as an authoritative speaker in his area of expertise. Such
engagements have included the California Design Congress, the
American Institute of Architects, the International Health, Racquet and
Sports Club Association convention, the Super Show / Atlanta, the
Association for Fitness in Business, the Institute of Business Designers’
Annual Symposium, the Club Industry Show, the Body Life convention in
Germany and England, and the Health Promotion Association.
Professional memberships include: The International Interior Design
Association, the American Management Association, the California
Council of the American Institute of Architects (appointed to CEPSN
Committee on Barrier-Free Design), the President’s Council on Physical
Fitness & Sports, and the Construction Management Association. He
has been appointed a Special Advisor to and was the Acting Chair of the
California Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness & Sports for Arnold
Schwarzenegger, and was also selected by the Eisenhower Foundation
to represent the U.S. Fitness Industry under a cultural exchange program
with Mainland China. He has been a member of the Extension Faculty of
the University of California, Los Angeles and the U.S. Sports Academy, a
board member of the March of Dimes, is presently Chair of Communities
in Schools of the San Fernando Valley, and is a published author in over
30 industry and professional periodicals.