DDI comprises a number of different but integrated
companies who have been developed to fulfill the
company's overall objectives. These companies include:

Donald DeMars International, Inc.
Donald DeMars International is a California Corporation that is
predominantly a consulting organization. Its principal role is to help
owners and developers of health, fitness, and medical projects qualify
and fine-tune the overall justifications for the size, scope, product mix
and investment profile of the venture. This may involve site selection,
market and financial feasibility studies, project cost analysis and
preliminary design studies.

DDI Development Services, Inc.
DDI Development Services is a separate, joint-venture production
design service company that produces construction documents for
development of the project. Working within the guidelines for the
project established by Donald DeMars International through its
feasibility, business and investment planning analysis, the project
proceeds under a defined budget and schedule. This company
rovides an avenue by which the client's locally-based architect can be
involved in the client's project.

Other consultants
Other specialty consultant companies provide additional input and
expertise to DDI during the development of each project
. These include
specialized engineering, audio-visual, medical, acoustical, food styling
and kitchen design, retail product merchandising, lighting, pool
designers, with whom DDI works as the principal coordinator.
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