Partial List
developed for Deportes Marti
Mexico City, Mexico
Donald DeMars International was initially retained to evaluate the market
in Mexico City for Deportes Marti’s potential strategic move into health and
fitness. Based upon a favorable report, DDI Development Services was
then hired to design SportCity, a 70,000 sq. ft. Health, Fitness, Medical,
and Family Social in the southwest Mixcoac area of Mexico City. The
project opened in 1995, and even while operating in an extremely
depressed economy, the project has far exceeded expectations. The
overall project includes the fitness facility, retail and family entertainment.
Crescent Spa
Dallas, Texas
This 5 star day spa and fitness center was developed within the exclusive
Crescent Court Hotel in Dallas. Carolyn Hunt spared no expense in giving
DDI the latitude to create one of the top rated day spas in America.
Christus St. Elizabeth's Wilton P. Hebert Health & Wellness Center
at St. Elizabeth Hospital
Beaumont, Texas
This new hospital-based Wellness Center is representative of the very
latest trends in health and fitness center design. It incorporates a
family-oriented program of social, athletic, spa, medical, and educational
components. DDI provided a complete service of business planning,
feasibility, architecture, and interior design for this 65,000 sq. ft. facility.
The project opened on January 2, 1996, and within six months achieved
its "break even" status.
Club Energy
Newport, Washington
This club was developed in a small logging town near Spokane, Washington,
but serves a surrounding area of 30 miles. This very unique project involved
the remodeling of a century old fraternal organization building along with the
addition of a new wing. The project incorporates fitness, day spa, racquetball,
and community recreational components.

This was a very interesting project. Our initial Feasibility Study had projected
more aggressive numbers than that which the owners felt comfortable.
However, they moved forward, and the membership numbers they have
achieved have confirmed DDI's earlier projections. The market setting is
semi-rural; they draw from a fairly wide area. This is a pure fitness center.
Fort Sanders Health & Fitness
Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center
Knoxville, Tennessee
A 55,00 square foot facility completed in 1989 as one component of a medical
mall developed by Fort Sanders Alliance, a for-profit subsidiary of Covenant
Health's Fort Sander's Regional Medical Center. The project has been
successful from the very beginning. DDI provided the feasibility study work as
well as the architectural design services. Contact Alan C. Gay, President & CEO,
Covenant Health, Knoxville, TN.
The Verandah Club
at the Anatole Hotel
Dallas, Texas
This large 82,000 square foot downtown Dallas, Texas facility was completed for
the Trammell Crow Company in 1985. It adjoins the 1,700-room Anatole Hotel
Complex, and serves the fitness and leisure / recreational needs of hotel guests
and 1,500 resident and corporate members who live and work in the downtown
area and use the facility on a daily basis.
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